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Pop singer Rita Ora is spending lockdown at a rented farmhouse in the Cotswolds.
The singer has been isolating with a number of colleagues including her sister Elena at the property in the South West, and a handful of residents are said to have aired their grievances on their local Facebook group. Residents said her party have been shooing away neighbours on public footpaths near the property and using drones to follow them. Another told how her seven-year-old son was “reduced to tears” by security screaming at them when they were on a nearby public footpath.
Rita joins a list of celebrities who have come under fire for fleeing London amid the Coronavirus pandemic.
However, the star arrived at the property situated 150 miles from her London home on March 21st before the UK went into lockdown to tackle the Covid-19 crisis.
She must now stay at the country house until it is deemed safe to return to her North London home.

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