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Taken 10-Sep-16

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Keywords:Andrew Tabor, BATHURST, BATHURST FAMILY, Ceri Evans JP DL, Charles Martell, Cheese Maker, Countess Sara Bathurst, Deputy Lieutenant of Gloucestershire, Dr Roger Head OBE DL, EVENTS, Farmer, High Sheriff of Gloucester, Lady Sara Bathurst, PEOPLE, Robert E J Bernays OBE DL (Vice Lord-Lieutenant), Royal Warrant Holder, Simon Preston DL, Thomas Frost DL, deputy, garden party, posse comitatus, sheriff, special event
Countess Sarah Bathurst surrounded by sheriffs and deputies, past, present and future


Countess Sarah Bathurst's High Sheriff Garden Party held at Cirencester Park on 10th September, 2016. The High Sheriff of Gloucester played host to many local dignitaries, past, present and future High Sheriffs and their deputiies.