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Cider With Rosie is the quintessential coming-of-age story. An adaptation for BBC of Laurie Lee's iconic memoir of his childhood and adolescence in the Slad Valley during and after WWI.

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Loll coming out of the school doorYoung Loll and Phyll in the school yard behind railingsEmma Curtis as Marge holding her hat wearing lime green duster coatclapper boardhair and make-up being adjusted before shootingGeorgia Brinkworth (Phyll) in the school yard behind railings wearing straw hatscenic shot with dray horsesclose up of Georgia Brinkworth as Phyll with hand on hips wearing straw hatclose up of a couple of school children in period costumemale and female sat on wall of Village Hall in period dressLee sisters Doth and Marge LeeCCB_4492view of pub Carpenters Arms dressed as The WoolpackAtmosphere and GV'sGv's of MiserdenGv's of Miserdenmale cast memberscrowd of actors on nsetYoung Loll with half-sisters and young Jo on way to schoolplayground scenes